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SR01 Teaching in a Smart Room I (online)

SR02 Teaching in a Smart Room II

VT01 Videotaping  Your Lectures

LP01 Teaching in a Laptop Classroom


SR01 Teaching in a Smart Room I (online)
Prerequisites: None

Through online slide shows and simulations, Teaching in a Smart Room I explains how the Smart Room equipment operates. The module will introduce you to the following:

        1. the hardware system components.
        2. the system controls.
        3. the system settings.
        4. smart room locations, contacts, policies, and technical support.
        5. pedagogical resources on teaching with technology.

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After passing the SR01 online assessment, you may register for SR02. Only faculty who successfully complete SR02 will be Smart Room- certified.



SR02 Teaching in a Smart Room II (30 min.)
Prerequisite: SR01 Teaching in a Smart Room I (online)

Teaching in a Smart Room II is a one-on-one hands-on workshop designed to assist you in classroom administration and to improve teaching and learning. You will learn when and how to use the Smart Room appropriately to support teaching and learning. You will also review where and how to acquire technical support.

All sessions will take place in CETLA's Smart Room.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will know the following:

        1. how to project PowerPoint slide shows and other multimedia presentations.
        2. how to use the smartboard to navigate the web or to advance slide presentations.
        3. how to show a video using Smart Room equipment.

Faculty who successfully complete SR02 will be Smart Room-certified.

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VT01 Videotaping  Your Lectures (2 hrs.)
intermediate computer skills

Many faculty members have expressed interest in videotaping their lectures.  Some seek to accommodate distance-learners.  Others want to make it easier for their on-campus students to review a lesson.  Still others want to videotape their lectures one semester so that the next semester students can view the lectures online—in preparation for more interactive activities during class time.  Therefore, this workshop will teach faculty members how to identify the hardware, software, and Internet resources needed to videotape classroom lectures and distribute the content over the Internet.

 Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to do the following:



LP01 Teaching in a Laptop Classroom
you must bring your own laptop

Do you teach in a school or college that requires students to purchase laptops? Do you think laptops in the classroom are simply distractions? If so, sign up for CETLA’s new workshop, LP01 “Teaching in a Laptop Classroom.” This workshop will teach you how to do the following: 







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