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IASI  “Cultivating a Culture of Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Higher Education:  Focus on Student Learning Outcomes(2 hrs.)
Prerequisites:  none

Dr. Gerunda Hughes, Director of the Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation

In collaboration with CETLA, the Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation will offer a one-day seminar on outcomes assessment:

Across the nation, institutions of higher learning are responding to the call for greater accountability with respect to student learning outcomes and the efficient use of human and financial resources. Institutional leaders who understand the importance of this sea change appreciate the need to work together to cultivate an organizational culture that embraces and values planning, assessment, and evidence-based decision-making.

Decisions about whether to add a new academic program or retire an existing one are based, in part, on whether the program advances the University’s mission. To that end, the assessment of student learning can provide valuable information on the effectiveness of academic programs. For centuries, colleges and universities have evaluated student learning using metrics such as course grades and graduation rates. While these metrics have been useful in the past, a new and different set of direct and indirect measures of student learning will be helpful in evaluating, not only academic programs, but institutional effectiveness as well.

The purpose of this seminar is to have a conversation with institutional leaders about the following:

  • What are the desired student learning outcomes across all schools and colleges that are consistent with the University’s mission?
  • What are the institutional purposes for assessing student learning? Accountability? Improved student learning? Both?
  • What types of evidence are needed to make decisions about student learning?
  • What assessment tools are most effective in gathering evidence about student learning?
  • How will the assessment of student learning results be used? By whom?
  • What institutional changes must be made to address learning shortfalls?
  • What role will each constituent group – students, faculty, administrators, staff -- play in creating, cultivating and maintaining a culture of evidence-based decision-making with respect to student learning at Howard University?

For more  information about the seminar, email ghughes@howard.edu .



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