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Best Practices in Distance-Learning

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Dr. Dion Gnanakkan, CETLA
Dr. Dion Gnanakkan, CETLA

***Prerequisite:Blackboard Certification***

(Click here to see whether you are already certified or, if not, how you can earn certification. You should know how to use the full range of Blackboard features, including the Discussion Board, GradeCenter, Assignment Tool, Group Pages, and Chatroom.)

This online seminar will introduce you to effective strategies for teaching Distance-Learning (DL) classes i.e., classes in which virtually all instruction and interaction occur online. Having mastered Blackboard technology, you will use it to meet the unique challenges of teaching a DL class, while taking advantage of the unique opportunities that DL offers. To achieve these goals, you will experience what it is like to take a DL course in CETLA's site, while building a DL course in your own Blackboard site. During this interactive online seminar, participants will do the following:

  • experience what it is like to take a DL course.
  • develop effective virtual classroom management skills.
  • acquire strategies for stimulating and motivating online discussions.
  • locate online resources and digital course materials.
  • create web-based channels for continuous feedback from students.

This course runs from Monday through Friday. Since it is asynchronous, you do not have to log on at a particular time; however, since this is an interactive course, you must log on at least once each day. Also, since the course is the equivalent of CETLA’s on-site summer seminars, plan to devote at least three hours a day to the course. (If you print out assigned articles, you won't have to spend all of that time online.) Once you have successfully completed the assignments, you will receive a certificate documenting that you are DL-certified.

*STANDBY ONLY* on this date and time: 8/10/2020 from ONLINE to ONLINE 

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